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Apr. 13th, 2014 10:00 pm Today's situation report:

Situation Normal, Almost All Fucked Up.

Nah, I kid.

I'm actually surprised about how painless my second server migration was -- from Fedora 16 to CentOS 6.5. This, in computer world, is known as "about bloody time, god, are you stupid, woman!" Considering that I took fresh HDs and started from ground up, and then moved user/data dirs and reconfigured stuff manually (since there are subtle but important differences between distros) as I went.

Notable cockups and highlights:

"What the fucking fuck, GRUB? Not this shit again! You really hate software RAID, don't you." [reaches for install DVD to run things in rescue mode]

"Nooooooo. Why do you insist that the ethernet card I want as 0 is 1 and 1 is 0?1 No matter how I keep changing this shit, it is always back to that in reboot? Where the fuck was that file with hardware addresses which it reads in boot and what the hell was its name? I know this shit, I do, but I can't focus on anything!" [Googles. Nothing.] [Insert a complaint to IRC nerd buddies about not remembering, and Google being unhelpful] [Finds the tip in next link]

Welp. Now it is done, and hopefully this will last for the next six or four or whatever years or so. At least it does not come with that horror-version of GNOME.

1 I have a static IP from my ISP (business class connection, which allows me to keep a server), but they dispense it out via DHCP. They bind it to my card's hardware, so I can't use just whatever card my Linux decided to designate as eth0 or eth1. Eh, persistent-net conf, thanks for rescuing me.

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Nov. 12th, 2013 02:27 am I think it is time to get a new microwave

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Oct. 14th, 2013 06:05 am Tech quiz!

  1. Who has two thumbs and a HD with read heads stuck?

  2. Who knows the dreaded "click-klirrrrrr" sound all too well?

  3. Who had wisely set up a system to monitor HDs, yet received no warning when shit came raining?

  4. Who at least got lucky when it was the secondary HD, not the primary HD, and all the losses can be accepted if some gentle percussive maintenance doesn't unlock the read heads?

  5. Who is going to get annoyed if the word "backups" is mentioned, since this HD was mainly tasked to do backups? But as luck would have it, it also had some content which was not backupped elsewhere.

If you answered "you", congratulations! You win a pounding migraine and some scathing rage fresh from the source.

Since I already once managed to unlock the read heads from their parking (but the main HD was powerless, so I couldn't do a backup) and show up in BIOS, I still might have a chance to recover at least some stuff. Worst case scenario, there's a data recovery shop in my city. But ARRRRRGH. Now I have to buy a new HD so I can get my stuff in working order. Entropy, I hate you.

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Mar. 20th, 2013 04:55 pm Today! It happened! Yes!

So today we did the official deed in presence of two witnesses and tied the knot. Got married. That sort of thing. Around 12 pm or so.


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Mar. 13th, 2013 04:35 am Icy pearls before climate change swine

My next encounter with Winter was in February.

I had managed to crawl out of my bed and stop wallowing in misery; outside, the day was bright and brilliant, just the way it can be in February in Finland. The sky was bright azure, streaked by couple of milky wisps of clouds; the sun shone pale yellow light over sparkling white landscape, reflecting whiteness everywhere.

As I reached for my kitty-cat tea cup, I heard a curious crunching sound from outside. Again, and again, until I could not hold my curiosity in check, and leaned over the table to look outside, down to the ground. Winter stood on a snowbank, just as tall as I remembered her being the last time, touching the hanging slender branches of the birches. I saw only her cloak of wolfskins from this height, and white hair slicked down along her skull like a frozen flow of water; her face was hidden from me.

I froze still, and considered my options. I could always leave her be, or I could go outside, and see what exactly she was up to in my shared communal yard.

I tucked my boots on and walked outside in my casual indoor clothing; it wasn't that cold outside, and if Winter meant actual harm to me, no winter jacket or longjohns of mine could protect me from that.

As I stepped off the plowed path and waded my way through knee-deep snow, Winter turned to face me. She was still gaunt, and haunting to look at, but her eyes were no longer deepless pits of despair. They were just as blue as the sky above me, shining with the same brilliant energy as the sun did overhead. Still, I felt like prey approaching predator with every step, and not all shivers were because snow was getting into my boots.

She waited until I was close enough, then she turned a little, and reached to touch one of the dark, hanging branches. There was an auditory, clear snap as the branch froze and fell to the ground, which was already littered by those she had touched before. She spun to face me, and pointed an accusatory finger at the branches, while giving me what I could only describe as The Look.

"Uh... um. Yes?" I tried to understand what she was doing, breathing air in and out through my mouth at this point, as the air was too cold for my nose and it threatened to glue the nostrils closed. It was like she carried her own coldness within her, which made sense.

Her other hand reached forward, and grasped the gentle puffs of breath from the air, and tiny icy pearls fell to the ground. I crouched to examine them, and picked up couple after making sure they would not freeze my hand off. They were perfect captures of water, transparent and shiny under the midday sun. She pointed at the trees again.

"Oh! Oh! I see."

Winter cocked her head, waiting for an explanation to come forth; she did not seem to be blessed by gift of speech, unlike her more colorful sister. Her eyes continued to burn with blueness of sky and the sun.

"Well... I mean, I'm sorry that we've cocked up the climate. I know you're supposed to gild the trees and tree branches with icy pearls this month, that's what our word for it means. But since the conditions are wrong, you just end up freeze-snapping some of those branches." It was a weak explanation, but it was the best I could think of in that situation.

She glowered at me. I half-expected to be frozen just like those branches, but her anger seemed to flow around me this time as I raised my crossed arms to shield my face. By the puzzled look on her fiercely bestial face I could only guess that she did not expect that to happen, either.

"Maybe next year?" I asked weakly, as if trying to console her and found myself short on right words. She scoffed, and a cloud of flakes glittered in the sun. She turned around, and began to glide over the landscape, leaving more glimmering snowflakes in her wake. I could only exhale, and scold myself on being stupid and coming out, but every time I saw one of these enigmatic beings I felt like I had no choice, no choice of my own.

Truthfully... it made me curious about Spring.

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Mar. 5th, 2013 12:39 pm Save the virtual date! OMG! It is happening!


We're aiming to do our Official Paperwork for Getting Officially Married *gulp* done on 20th of March. (We, of course, need to leave some paperwork this week so bureaucracy's wheels can grind onward.)

No fancy circumstance and pomp, we're kinda past that and neither of us is religious (although I wanted to be funny and pick Vernal Equinox as The Date). We'll probably have a stiff-upper-lip noms and cake with immediate relatives (my mom, my mother-in-law, my brother-in-law) some time after the whole deal.

Then, later in summer (end of June, early July, we'll have to check with friends), when nights are white and skies are hopefully clear and everything is green and fresh, we're going to throw a BBQ BYOB potluck style feast (since we really don't need any actual presents) and just have fun together. If you are on my LJ friendlist, you're invited. We can provide crash space for two in privacy of my SO's workroom and for three/four in common room aka living room and a longer stay is not a problem as well, if you wish to see this corner of world better. For further details and questions, send a LJ message.

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Feb. 28th, 2013 10:00 pm Things that happen out of blue

Like, going to bed and then getting proposed.

I is now officially engaged, to my Significant Otter of 18 years!

Holy crap! :D

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Feb. 10th, 2013 08:27 pm Blood red leaves dancing in bitter wind

The last time I saw Autumn was the last day of November.

I had come home from my final class meeting -- more an informal hang-around moment, followed by a lunch -- and as I made my way back home I watched angry wind whipping around, blowing arctic coldness with the full fury of upcoming winter. I could hear her maddening howl, Winter's, that is.

When I got back home, I was half-frozen from chill, and I sat down with a good cup of hot tea to warm up. Sadly, I never had a chance to enjoy it, as something caught my eye on my way back to computer desk. A fleck of redness in the dull grey of afternoon, a tiny sound that managed to cut through the wind.

I saw Autumn hobbling down the slope of the parking lot. She was holding her side with a tight clutch, and drops of blood specked down and turned into dying miniature maple leaves. She was withered, and grey, just like I had predicted; her proudly defiant clothes were in tatters, and now even more so on the side she was holding. Cloth had torn like she had met a wild beast.

"Crap!" She wasn't a human, but she was human-shaped enough to draw out all the urges to do the right thing and help someone in need. I slipped on my boots, and ran outside, wearing nothing but a t-shirt and comfypants, which were comfortable enough indoors, but now felt like ice was trying to drill through them to get to my skin. "Okay, hold on, hold it there..."

I tried to give her support, but despite her apparent frailness, she still weighed a ton; she collapsed to the ground and laid on asphalt, while blood like red leaves poured out from her side.

"C'mon!" I slapped her face lightly to try and bring her back to consciousness. "Wake up, please. You can't die here, I have to get you..."

"To where?" she wheezed. "Oh, the summer-lover again." Her head had lifted up, now it dropped back. "No, you can't... and you were right. She's coming, and she's terrifying."

I heard a bestial howl carried by the brutal, biting wind, and looked around; the sound was something that made the primitive monkey in my brain to drop a load to its pants and hit all panic buttons with one go. "No, let's go inside, let's not stay here, okay? I'll try to bind that up, I'll call my friend, she's a doctor..."

She wheezed again, only this time there was a distinct gurgle to it. "What are you, stupid? Your friend wouldn't even see us! And..." Her bloodstained hand lifted up a bit, as if trying to tell something to me, but she was too weak to say anything at this point.

I felt a cold breeze going down my back, and flakes of frost danced by us, and the wind seemed to bite even more fiercely than before. Hair was standing at the back of my neck, but I knew it had nothing to do with cold. It was the primal sensation of a terrifying predator right behind you, breathing down your neck; the feeling of prey being stalked.

"Don't..." I heard Autumn whisper, while her fiercely red and yellow eyes began to dim. "Don't... look... her... eyessshhhh..."

A new gust of cold wafted past me, closer than before, and I turned around to face what was behind me.

Which, in retrospect, made me do what Autumn told me not to do.

She was gaunt, and dead white in color; ice sparkled on high cheekbones, and she was technically a humanoid-shaped thing... just distorted to a ten feet tall monstrous being. Her cloak was made from skinned white wolves, and every time she moved, snow and ice fell out, carried away by the everpresent wind around her. Under her cloak she wore nothing, but then again, everything was covered by layers of sharp-looking frost. Her mouth... her mouth seemed to open way too much, and it had way too many teeth made out of crystalline ice.

And then... there were eyes. They were black, solid black, and filled with darkness of a winter's night, of the sort that makes people dread whether the sun will ever rise again. Kaamos, my brain whispered. It was impossible to shift your gaze away, once she had caught your attention. Those holes of black felt like insects eating at my soul, one bite at a time, and I fell into terrifying darkness that went on forever. In meatspace, I collapsed to the ground right next to Autumn; my sight dimmed, and I saw Winter looming above us, looking down... puzzled.

"You're... not... dead yet, summer-girl." Autumn wheezed, spending her last breath. "W...hy?"

I had no answer to that. Neither did Winter. She simply bowed down, and finished her younger sister by smashing a ferocious, bestially clawed hand down.

I passed out.

I woke up.

I found no trace of either season -- that is, in their physical representation -- but saw blood-red leaves frozen to the surface of asphalt next to me. I sat up, curled against my legs, and made a choking sob; while Winter's terrifying eyes did not slay me outright, they had not left me untouched. Darkness was budding inside me, and blossomed like a deadly flower germinated in soil of slain dreams.

I dragged myself back to my apartment, back to my now-cold tea, left it behind, and curled under my covers.

I wanted nothing more than hibernating until the winter was gone.

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Jan. 29th, 2013 02:42 pm Review: My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic mobile game by Gameloft

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Jan. 15th, 2013 08:30 pm I sometimes wonder what my brain is smoking...

I mean, dreams, huh? Thing is, what makes me extremely confused is how my brain picks and chooses its fights when it comes to dream logic and skepticism over unfolding events and "story". The following example is from the same dream, from the same "storyline".

Dream: "Your boyfriend is a HUGE, like D&D HUGE, sapient python! He speaks perfectly normally too and hears everything you say!"
Brain: "Jolly good!"

Dream: "And now you are sitting on a passenger seat, you and your companion are driving along a Finnish freeway at winter dusk, and you see a pack of about twenty wolves idly running along the side of the road, for something like three kilometers..."
Brain: "BULLSHIT! It is always something totally bullshit with you, everyone knows that wolfpacks of that size would get culled and dispersed faster than a heartbeat because people have wrong ideas about what is more dangerous, pack or lone wolf, and honestly, with the wolf population of about hundred and fifty wolves, finding twenty of them inside this small region is impossible. That's it, this is a dream, I refuse to play along, waking up now."
Dream: "But but but your boyfriend..."
Brain: "Not listening! La la la la! Not listening! Waking up now. Any second... okay, we're done. Bye."
Dream: "..."

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